Six weeks ago, the youngest of our two cats have birth to four gorgeous kittens, just a day before her own first birthday. When we first realised she was pregnant we were dreading it, but after these few weeks, we’ve established that it’s an experience not to be missed if possible.


Rose, their mum (pictured left) has been fantastic, she knew exactly what to do with them, and by the time we realised that one had been born, she had already cleaned it up and was ready for the next one. We left her to it, just checking up on her every few minutes to make sure everything was ok.

Now, they’re interacting, eating proper food, litter trained almost overnight (with a few little accidents here and there, obviously), and are really loving human company as well. I think they’re going to grow up to be very affectionate and friendly cats.

By strange coincidence, there are three black and white ones which are boys, and one tabby which is a girl. They’re all beautiful, and the girl (coincidentally?) is ahead of the rest; the first to open her eyes, the first to eat food, first to use the litter tray, etc etc.

It’s going to be difficult to let them go; we’ve both become attached to them, but we’ve already got our own two lovely cats and they’re quite enough. Although not confirmed, we think we’ve already found suitable homes for them.

Selected images are in a gallery below, more are available over on my Flickr profile.


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