On the way home from town today I took a detour around a cemetery to explore possible photography locations. I didn’t have the SLR with me, so I took a few shots with my iPhone. So continuing my interest in exploration and graveyards, here are some of today’s results…

See also: Don’t get hung up on camera equipment for further explanation about why the choice of camera isn’t so critical.

2 thoughts on “Hills Cemetery, Horsham

    • Obviously they’ve been we edited on computer afterwards, but I’m quite impressed with the capabilities. When I import pictures to my Lightroom catalogue now, I no longer segregate iPhone images from those of my normal SLR, as I find that they are usable in just the same ways. The only times I might struggle is if I find I want to print an image from the iPhone onto a large canvas or something in the future…not that I would probably want to do that with the cemetery pictures!

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