So I have never really done any portrait photography, aside from a module in my A Level studies when I was in my mid-twenties, oh, and a couple of wedding shoots. I Had never really liked the idea of it before, and always focused on landscapes or inanimate objects, and occasionally animals. But it’s something I’d really like to get into a bit now, I’ve spent a lot of time looking on at portrait images, head shots, HDR portraits, urban exploration images including people, and it’s a whole field that I feel I’m missing out on.

Over the last year or so I’ve invested in an external flashgun, and more recently a wireless remote flash trigger, which enables me to use the flash off-camera. This has already given me a lot more control over lighting an image, but I’m looking to get more equipment in the near future. I’ve discovered that a lot of this stuff is very cheap, and that I can get additional flashguns for about £40, which it turns out are actually used by quite a lot of top professionals. The only form of diffuser I currently have is a Primark laundry basket, but it seemed to do the trick for my first experimentation, and has gone to prove that it is worthwhile investing in a soft box or diffusing umbrella or the like.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

So I don’t have a willing model, and I’ve always avoided having my own picture taken, and was therefore a bit stuck, but decided to experiment using a remote shutter release taking pictures of myself. I know it’s slower, but there’s no expectation then!

I know I’m not smiling; if I do have to have my picture taken, I will try to avoid a forced smile. So here is my first attempt, plenty more to come hopefully.


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