So the last time I remember doing a photoshoot of animals, it was a of a hyperactive jack russell terrier that wouldn’t sit still. This job was rather easier, a yorkshire terrier puppy that got very tired after about ten minutes of having her picture taken. Even since this little shoot last week, I’ve done a short session with one of my cats. So here are a few of my favourites, with a few recent edits.

Meet Betsie:

Do you want some photos of your pets? Let me know!

Well the kittens have gone. We found a home for one, but a very nice lady from the Cats Protection League took them off our hands. Now the mother can be done, but she’s out of season so she won’t get pregnant for a little while yet anyway.

We went on the waiting list for the CPL to be able to take them, and last week we had a phone call to say there is a pen available but she has found possible homes for them too. Here are just a few final photos I took before they left:





These damned cats! We have two cats. Frankie is a black and white boy, a bit over two years old. He’s been done. Rose is a bit over a year old, she’s just had her second (and last) litter of kittens. As gorgeous as they are, these are a big handful, as Rose isn’t looking after them properly.

Frankie more or less left home when the first litter of kittens were born. We haven’t seen him a lot since. Last night he came in briefly, then started hissing and barking at us. Yes, he barks like a dog. I’m reluctant to let him in the house any more, he lives quite happily with a household of other cats down the way. I’m beginning to think they’re welcome to him. It’s not so much because he’s become so spiteful, but I think it’s fairer on him if he’s happy there and not happy in our household any more.

As for the newest kittens, we had to bath them this week. We tried giving them some goat’s milk, but instead they went swimming in it. This morning I woke up to find one of the kittens curled up fast asleep in the bowl of kitten biscuits.

Yes, these kittens are very cute, but they need to go.

The night before the recent wedding I photographed, I attended the wedding rehearsal, and when leaving the church, we were greeted with this beautiful and quite striking cat. It was big…very big. I believe it is a Maine Coon, and it was probably nearly 3 feet long, excluding its tail. It has a beautiful black and grey coat, and was very friendly. In the graveyard environment I thought these images would work well in black and white.

A few more pictures are below:

Six weeks ago, the youngest of our two cats have birth to four gorgeous kittens, just a day before her own first birthday. When we first realised she was pregnant we were dreading it, but after these few weeks, we’ve established that it’s an experience not to be missed if possible.


Rose, their mum (pictured left) has been fantastic, she knew exactly what to do with them, and by the time we realised that one had been born, she had already cleaned it up and was ready for the next one. We left her to it, just checking up on her every few minutes to make sure everything was ok.

Now, they’re interacting, eating proper food, litter trained almost overnight (with a few little accidents here and there, obviously), and are really loving human company as well. I think they’re going to grow up to be very affectionate and friendly cats.

By strange coincidence, there are three black and white ones which are boys, and one tabby which is a girl. They’re all beautiful, and the girl (coincidentally?) is ahead of the rest; the first to open her eyes, the first to eat food, first to use the litter tray, etc etc.

It’s going to be difficult to let them go; we’ve both become attached to them, but we’ve already got our own two lovely cats and they’re quite enough. Although not confirmed, we think we’ve already found suitable homes for them.

Selected images are in a gallery below, more are available over on my Flickr profile.