These damned cats! We have two cats. Frankie is a black and white boy, a bit over two years old. He’s been done. Rose is a bit over a year old, she’s just had her second (and last) litter of kittens. As gorgeous as they are, these are a big handful, as Rose isn’t looking after them properly.

Frankie more or less left home when the first litter of kittens were born. We haven’t seen him a lot since. Last night he came in briefly, then started hissing and barking at us. Yes, he barks like a dog. I’m reluctant to let him in the house any more, he lives quite happily with a household of other cats down the way. I’m beginning to think they’re welcome to him. It’s not so much because he’s become so spiteful, but I think it’s fairer on him if he’s happy there and not happy in our household any more.

As for the newest kittens, we had to bath them this week. We tried giving them some goat’s milk, but instead they went swimming in it. This morning I woke up to find one of the kittens curled up fast asleep in the bowl of kitten biscuits.

Yes, these kittens are very cute, but they need to go.