Yesterday I went exploring near Horsham, and discovered further World War II defences on the Arun-Ouse Stop Line; a small bridge crossing the river Arun west of Horsham was defended by two tank traps or ‘coffins’, designed to stop tanks from getting through and crossing the bridge. Another little experiment with off-camera flash, although I wasn’t well equipped with tripods and diffusers so I was a bit limited with what I could do.

There is a large pillbox very nearby, located in a private garden. Until recently it was heavily overgrown, but has been cleared and I believe it is being used as a garden shed (note that it’s easy to see but there is no access to this pillbox at all).

So I have never really done any portrait photography, aside from a module in my A Level studies when I was in my mid-twenties, oh, and a couple of wedding shoots. I Had never really liked the idea of it before, and always focused on landscapes or inanimate objects, and occasionally animals. But it’s something I’d really like to get into a bit now, I’ve spent a lot of time looking on at portrait images, head shots, HDR portraits, urban exploration images including people, and it’s a whole field that I feel I’m missing out on.

Over the last year or so I’ve invested in an external flashgun, and more recently a wireless remote flash trigger, which enables me to use the flash off-camera. This has already given me a lot more control over lighting an image, but I’m looking to get more equipment in the near future. I’ve discovered that a lot of this stuff is very cheap, and that I can get additional flashguns for about £40, which it turns out are actually used by quite a lot of top professionals. The only form of diffuser I currently have is a Primark laundry basket, but it seemed to do the trick for my first experimentation, and has gone to prove that it is worthwhile investing in a soft box or diffusing umbrella or the like.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

So I don’t have a willing model, and I’ve always avoided having my own picture taken, and was therefore a bit stuck, but decided to experiment using a remote shutter release taking pictures of myself. I know it’s slower, but there’s no expectation then!

I know I’m not smiling; if I do have to have my picture taken, I will try to avoid a forced smile. So here is my first attempt, plenty more to come hopefully.