Worthing Pier taking on Kodak No. 2 Folding Autographic Brownie

Vintage Camera #032

Kodak No. 2 Folding Autographic Brownie

I’ve had this model of Folding Brownie camera for many years; I’ve posted about it previously and I’ve used it previously, it didn’t go well. Recently though, I bought one on eBay that seemed to be in much better condition in the hope that I might get some better results.

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Zorki 1 Type C

Vintage Camera #026

Zorki 1 Type C

Next out to play from my camera cabinet is one of several Soviet era cameras I bought. This is a 1953 Zorki 1 Type C. If you’ve seen my Pearl River post, you’ll be both pleased and unsurprised to learn that this camera is not as bad as that.

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Vintage Camera #017

Pearl River 6×6 TLR

Kicking off my efforts with the latest batch of purchases (New year, new…resolution?), which incidentally didn’t stop at 22, I went out with a Pearl River 6×6 twin lens reflex. Loaded with trusty HP5+ film I duly went ahead and took a few shots, all onto the same frame, before I remembered that I need to wind the film on each time.

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Greenwich Park taken with iPhone

Don’t get hung up on camera equipment

So often I see, hear and read about people who always have to have the best and latest camera, or always need to upgrade their camera; in some ways I’m a culprit of this too…having upgraded digital SLRs twice in about twelve months, but now I’m going to stick with what I’ve got, which is what I believe to be a happy balance between performance and value. I believed would be a sensible next step after much consideration and research.

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Photo Project – Kodak Retina II S, 1959

After a somewhat unsuccessful attempt with the Kodak Brownie as described in my previous post, I’ve decided to park that one for the moment. I have now moved on to the 1959 Kodak

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Kodak Brownie

Photo Project – Kodak No 2 Folding Brownie

I’ve been intending to get back into film photography for a long time. After completing an A Level in photography eight years ago, I rewarded myself with a second hand Digital SLR, and never picked up a film camera again. That has all changed now though. I couldn’t warrant the cost of paying £10-odd a time to get films processed without even getting prints or a CD of them, and especially not knowing whether I would even get any negatives that were anything other than plain black or plain white rectangles, so I duly went and bought all the equipment and chemicals to process them myself.

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Washed up bike

Is photography Art?

1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be app

On The Guardian’s website today, I read an article, obviously by a regular columnist, talking about the most expensive photograph ever to be sold, at $6.5m (somewhere north of £4million). The columnist states:

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West Horsham Railway Platform

West Horsham Railway Station

The old railway station at Christ’s Hospital, known as ‘West Horsham Christ’s Hospital’, was opened at the start of the 20th Century, at the time the Christ’s Hospital school relocated from London because they wanted more rural surroundings. The school contributed to the cost of constructing the station, which consisted of seven platforms when it originally opened.

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WWII Tank Traps

Yesterday I went exploring near Horsham, and discovered further World War II defences on the Arun-Ouse Stop Line; a small bridge crossing the river Arun west of Horsham was defended by two tank traps or ‘coffins’, designed to stop tanks from getting through and crossing the bridge. Another little experiment with off-camera flash, although I wasn’t well equipped with tripods and diffusers so I was a bit limited with what I could do.

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Light painting featured

Try This: Light Painting

So I’ve created a new category for my blog: “Try This“. Here I’m going to post occasional articles about projects for you to try, with tips and ideas. Make it a weekend project, or a day project, whatever you like. Tonight I’m going to suggest you try Light Painting. There are a number of different interpretations to this, but the easiest thing to do is essentially to get a torch, put the camera on a tripod with a long exposure, and move the torch around in front of the camera. How easy is it?

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