Featured Image Viewer plugin

This is a simple WordPress plugin which will display a list of all posts on your site with a Featured Image set. For each post you can either view or edit in a new tab. This page will be updated shortly. Please note that the plugin is in its very early stages and is currently quite primitive. It is currently only available via this page, however please feel free to modify, enhance and improve it as you wish.

Click here to download the Featured Image Viewer.

Plugin installation and usage

To install, simply download the zip file, and in your WordPress admin pages, navigate to Plugins then click Add New. At the top it will allow you to Upload Plugin where you can select and upload the zip file.

To install manually, download the zip file and extract the files. Upload the featured-image-viewer folder to your WordPress plugins directory, usually at wp-content/plugins. 

After it has been installed, activate it and you will see Featured Image Viewer as a new menu item in your WordPress Admin.

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