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The Supercars of Piazza Italia 2014

Horsham Piazza Italia, in its eighth year in 2014, and billed as one of the biggest free events in the South (well maybe West Sussex), is a three-day event over Easter weekend celebrating all things Italian, including markets, music and cars.

Good Friday saw in the region of 140 Ferraris in a rally through town, then parked up for many thousands of visitors to enjoy. You will find my pictures in various places online, but a selection of my favourite images are in an album on my Facebook Page.

It wasn’t all Italian though, Saturday saw a day of Minis and BMW ‘Minis’, and Monday showed an eclectic mix of supercars and many classic Fiat 500s and Alfa Romeos.

Despite everything else going on, I was somewhat blinkered by the supercars. I’ve never been a massive fan of Ferraris, but seeing many of them so close and in such immaculate condition has certainly changed that for me. My highlights were probably some of the other supercars on Monday…and the noise of each of the cars arriving and leaving.

Here are some of my favourite images from supercar day on Easter Monday. You’re more than welcome to add your comments to the post as everyone else can identify these cars much better than I can.

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